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    • My School, Your School

      Emily is very proud of her school. She often tells me that her school can be a kindy, a wedding place, church meeting, Sunday School and others. That’s because her school is part of the church. Well, during her conversation with me, I purposely wanted to tease her.

      Emily: You know my tadika (aka school) can transformed into many things. It can be a Sunday School…

      Mummy: Ooh, my school turns into a shopping mall. I can go shopping there.

      Emily: I can shop in my school too. Once the teacher gave us paper money, we can get sweets and toys. *the school was teaching them about money and how to buy things with it*

      Mummy: But my school has a playground for kids to play.

      Emily: My school also has playground, it has snake and ladder too. Sometimes we have water play in the pool.

      Mummy: My school has lots of eating place like McD, Japanese food and food court. We can buy delicious food there.

      Emily: My school also has canteen. Teachers give us snacks, noodles and cakes. It is FREE.

      Mummy: *speechless* :rolleyes:

      Published on June 21, 2010 · Filed under: Parenting;

    4 Responses to “My School, Your School”

    1. Every thing in her school is free..

      Mommy 0, Emily 1.

    2. michelle said on

      zmm: She forgets that mummy has to pay for it. 🙂

    3. U’ve got a witty girl there. 😉

    4. Emily is so smart!