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    • Meeting Class Teacher Story

      It was the time of the year, Tim’s school asked us to meet the teacher. It is a yearly event. By the way, I don’t remember my parents visiting any of my teachers.

      I decided to go at 9am, the appointment was any time between 8am to 11am. I woke up late, had to go at 10am. When I turned up with Tim, there was no one there except 1 parent talking to the teacher. I thought that I was late, very late. It was good means I don’t have to wait that long. It is kind of nervous racking waiting to see the teacher.

      It all brings back memory that once I had to see my geography teacher because I traced the Australia map on the wrong side. She is a fierce teacher but a nice one.

      The class teacher was talking to the parent for a long time, more than 15 minutes. Wow so much to say. Later, I saw more and more parents coming in, about 5 to 6 parents after me. Oooh, I was not that late after all.

      My turn came, hubby was there too. Her class teacher said that Timothy was doing well in class except (always an exception) he refused to talk to the teacher. He only whispered near their ears. It was much better than last year where he refused to talk to anyone. Now he has friends where he talks to. I told the teacher to give him more time. However, Tim has no problem talking to the counseling teacher of the school. Strange?

      Because he didn’t talk to the teacher, the BM teacher gave him C for lisan (oral BM test). However the English teacher gave him A for oral test. It is alright because oral is not part of UPSR.

      The next part was I complained that one of his classmates was bullying other children. He pushed my boy down the stairs many times. I was really afraid that he or other children will fall down the stairs. I alerted the class teacher to keep an eye on him or other children. I have not met that boy yet. A few times I went to the school wanted to talk to him, but he didn’t come on time. Anyway the teacher told me that boy has discipline issues.

      I am glad that Tim befriends a prefect in his class. He told me that he always protect him from naughty children. Somehow a lot of his classmates like him. Every time when his friends see him, they will shout his name loudly. Tim will give a shy smile.

      See how many reports books he has….

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    7 Responses to “Meeting Class Teacher Story”

    1. This wednesday my turn to meet wien’s teacher…hopefully no complaint…

    2. Eh….how come so many report books? My boys have only 1.

    3. Ya lor, how come so many report books?

      I met the class teacher before the school holiday. Des got a B for her Lisan cos she did not know/understand all the BM teacher’s questions? The teacher told me Des just stared at her and eyes got teary. *blek*

      The class teacher asked me how Des was doing at home. I said “huh?” She told me she was not really paying attention in class these days (dreamy in other words). *sei ng sei*

    4. Positive feedback from the teacher. Well done, Tim!

    5. michelle said on

      Jess: Wednesday, so must take leave?

      MT: One for oral/reading progress, one for lisan/bacaan progress, one is the actual report book but computer printed scores & grades and I couldn’t remember what’s the last one for. More books, supplier makes more $.

      Tracy: Make sure she has enough sleep. Sometimes lack of sleep can cause a child to day dream.

      Slavemom: Thanks. 🙂

    6. Mamajo said on

      Wow, how come your Tim has so many report books? Jona only got 1 :)….Do we have to go to the school to collect the report book every semester? Eeeiii…I don’t like going to school and stand there for almost 2 hours for my turn to talk to teacher for 5 mins…mmm..can’t the school has the time system where time is allocated to each student??

    7. michelle said on

      Mamajo:For Tim, it is only once a year. Thank goodness.