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    • Lost & Found Memory

      Tim is always very forgetful or he is not focus that is why he has no recollection on what he did. I remembered when he was 4 and we were in Genting Hotel room. He wanted to open the door with the key and I let him. He was the last one seen with the key. When we wanted to go out, I asked him where he placed the key. He looked at me point blank. We had to search the entire room to find the key. It was underneath the sofa chair, it fell through the gap.

      Yesterday, he asked me where his belt is. I told him it was in the ironing room. He went in, looked around and told me he cannot find it. I told him, it is in the laundry basket. He still cannot find it. Sigh.

      Anyway, that is not what I want to tell you. Here is the story, he was suppose to do his Mathematics homework over the weekends. He could not find his workbook. He looked through his school bag and the book shelf. He told me that he lost it. I had to help him find, go through every single bags that were in the store room. I thought he might have taken to book out in the previous weeks and put it into another bag. Sometimes he does his homework in the church when we have prayer meeting.

      On Sat and Sun, I asked him to search again but it was unsuccessful. We gave up and I told him to buy another one from the school bookshop.

      Monday came, I asked him in the morning to remember to buy the book from the bookshop. He gave me a hesitated expression. I knew he didn’t want to ask the bookshop uncle for the book. I asked him to write it down on the piece of paper.

      During lunch, I reminded him again. Guess what?

      Mummy: Remember to get the workbook from the bookshop.

      Tim: Mummy, I remembered that I passed up the workbook to the teacher.

      Mummy: How come the teacher asked you to do homework when you already pass it up?

      Tim: I didn’t finish the work in class but teacher said never mind.

      That’s my son! Sometimes he does find back his lost memory. Let’s see whether the book will appear in his bag when the teacher returns back to him.

      Published on June 29, 2010 · Filed under: Parenting;

    7 Responses to “Lost & Found Memory”

    1. My boy too, every single thing has to be reminded again and again. The mommy can get very tiring at times.;(

    2. It can be tiring …me too has to keep reminding Jeriel…

    3. No2 is also very forgetful. Sometimes, I get worried if there’s something wrong …so young so forgetful…how can???

    4. So much like my son. Hahaha…….

    5. hahaha hes cute! at least he remembered before buying another workbook

    6. Could this be a boy’s thing???? My son is just the same!

    7. Mamajo said on

      Same for Isaac Noel too!! I’m always wondering whether I should give him Ginkgo Biloba to boost his memories. Daddy say, he is too lazy to use his memory…haha