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      I got a baking partner and she is Emily. She loves to help me when I am baking scones. I taught her how to sieve the flour, cut the butter and make the dough. It is fun to bake with her. Tim only likes to sieve the flour.

      I am glad my gal likes baking. I will find more recipes so that I can bake with her. Besides baking, I also need to teach her to clean up after that.

      Well after baking, we will wait for the scones to be ready. When it is ready, we will have tea with scones. Isn’t this cool?

      Published on July 23, 2010 · Filed under: Parenting;

    6 Responses to “Baking Partner”

    1. it is a great way to spend time with your little gal…

      I am looking forward to mine toooo…

    2. I never let Zara do baking with me.. I think I’m taking the baking too seriously..

      Next time I must get her to help out as well.

      Btw, is that an expensive Pillsbury flour I’m seeing there?

    3. michelle said on

      Chanel: You can teach Jeriel how to bake right?

      zmm: Yeah you must let her try, next time she will know how to bake. I didn’t know Pillsbury flour is expensive. That’s the only multipurpose flour I can find in the hypermart.

    4. My girls would love doing this!! But I just dont have the time for this.

    5. Wat a great bonding time. Then after that, wonderful eating time.

    6. I can see this day coming in 5 years time…. hehehehe

      So, when is Emily gonna bake some scones for us? 😛