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    • My Childhood Games – Five Stone

      My children are slowly growing up and nothing much to blog about them. I guess I have to change topics soon. I am running out of things to blog or losing the motivation. I believed many bloggers are feeling the same as I am seeing fewer and fewer post. Ha! Some of us still need to keep it alive to earn some side cash.

      Anyway, I will blog about what I played when I was in primary school. The other day, I started a sewing project. My gal came to me and said that she was bored. Well Tim was having exams, so we had to stay at home for him to do some revision.

      Since I was doing some sewing, I sewed 5 stones for Emily. I am sure you played this before. There are 8 levels to this game.

      Level 1: Throw all five stones on the ground. Pick one up. Throw the picked stone up the air, collect one on the floor and catch the one up the air. Do this until all the stones on the ground are picked up.

      Level 2: Pick 1, throw up 1, pick 2 stones and catch.

      Level 3: Pick 1, throw up 1, pick 1 and catch. Throw 1, pick 2 and catch.

      Level 4: Pick 1, throw up 1, pick 4 and catch.

      Level 5: Hold the five stones in your hand, throw 1 stone up while placing the four stones on the ground. Catch the 1 stone up in the air. Throw the 1 stone up again and pick up the 4 on the ground and catch them all.

      Level 6: Pick 2, throw up 2, pick 3 and catch all.

      Level 7: Hold the five stones in your hand, throw 1 stone up while four is still in your hand, use your 2nd finger touched the ground and then catch the 1 up in the air.

      Level 8: Throw all 5 on the ground. Ask your opponent to point to one. Pick it up, throw it up, collect all found on the ground and the one up the air.

      Rules of the game are that when you picking any of the stones, you cannot move any other. When you are catching the stones, none of the stones can fall out from your hand. . If you do, you will lose your turn.

      If you will complete all levels, you will gain 1 point. The one who collect as many points wins. The game can be played by partnering with others to form team. Each person will continue from the level the team member failed to complete.

      There are advanced levels for this game for experts.

      Advanced level 1: Pick 1, throw up, pick 1, catch the 1 up the air. Now you can 2 on your hand. Throw 1, exchange the one in your hand with the one on the ground and catch the one up the air. Repeat the step until all the stones on the ground has been exchanged. Now the difficult part, how you are not lost. Throw 2 up, Left hand catch 1 and at the same time the right hand pick 1 up and catch 1 from the air. Do this until all stone is picked up. Final step you should have 3 on your left hand and 2 on the right. Right hand throw 2, left hand catch 1 and right hand catch 1. Right hand throws 1 for the left hand to catch.

      Advanced 2: Pick 1, throw 1, pick up 2, and catch 1. Throw 1, exchange 2, catch 1. Throw 1, pick 2, catch 1. Throw 3, Left hand catch 2, Right hand pick 2 and catch 1. Throw 3, Left hand catch 2 and Right hand catch 1. Right hand throw 1 and Left hand catch the last 1.

      And etc….

      Now Emily is only learning how to throw and catch.

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    5 Responses to “My Childhood Games – Five Stone”

    1. Wah…you still remember the rules so well.
      I remembered we used stones as they are…how come you said you ‘sew 5 stones’ for Emily?

    2. I definitely can’t remember all the rules and steps. I guess I only manage until level 3 the most. haha..malunya.

      Do you mind if I copy and save one copy in my blog as reference? I have the five stones for ages , but never know how to teach my girl.

    3. michelle said on

      MagicTree: Hehehe…I was an expert in playing this. Sad to say my school ban this game. No more kaki to play with.

      Elaine: Sure, but I hope my instructions are not confusing.

    4. You should do this more visually.. so that kids who can read can also learn how to play this.

    5. I’ve forgotten the rules edi. Was it that complicated? 🙂