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      I was sleepy as it was a long day for me. However I promised my boy that I will get him a book. I tell you the book he got in the next post.

      He got his book but of course, my gal wanted to get her share. I asked her to choose one quickly so that we can get out of Borders.

      Finally both got their books and I went to the checkout counter queue and wait to pay. There was only 1 cashier. She was yakking away with the customer. In my mind, I was chanting, please be quick…please be quick. It took her 5 minutes to clear that customer with 1 book. *shake head*

      Ooh, the cashier was nearer to the other end. I walked up to the cashier. A lady came up and put her big basket on the cashier. I tried to ignore her and gave the books to cashier. She made a remark to the cashier that she was there first. Yeah yeah yeah… I told her that the Q was on the other end and she came from the “no entry” end. She went and look. :rolleyes: You know “ngok yan sin ko jonk”.

      Sorry, I was feeling sleepy and I need to pray for self control. But sleepy also can read signs.

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    2 Responses to “Little Things”

    1. HI Michelle, I hope I am writting to the correct person. I saw in your blog that you know how to do balloon sculpturing and I really need your help. Wondering if you can do 20pcs for me with mixture of animal, flower or other character. I will pay you for it. I look up and down for this but can’t find and the balloonist is extremely expensive. My son bday is this Sat 7th Aug, 10. Kindly contact me if you can do it by this Friday for me. My contact is 012-4121488. From Ms Wong, Thank you very very much

    2. michelle said on

      Vera: I have email you. 🙂