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    • Wimpy Kid

      That was the book my son likes to read. He likes comics and this book has comics with some write ups. It is a diary of a kid named Greg, similar to Adrian Mole’s diary minus the comic. It is one of the international best sellers too.

      I am trying to encourage him to read Enid Blyton books or Hardy Boys but I feel he is not ready yet. At least he is reading the Bible occasionally.

      Another book he likes to read is Captain Underpants, also because of the pictures. He is more a visual boy. He understands more with pictures. He likes to draw and a good way to express himself. If you give him colors & papers, he can sit and draw the whole day.

      Published on August 4, 2010 · Filed under: Books, Parenting;

    5 Responses to “Wimpy Kid”

    1. Yes, Wimpy Kid.. must go and get one for my boy. Some blogger did give good reviews about this book.

    2. michelle said on

      InspiredMomx1: Must remind your boy to not follow the naughty things the wimpy kid do. 🙂

    3. My daughter is reading this too. I am doing read aloud with her on Enid Blyton (St Clare’ series) as that one a little advance for her.

    4. I didn’t know it was a comic…

      My girls’ love Enid Blyton’s books.. even the little one…

      Maybe I can start Zara on this whimpy kid one too.

    5. My gal loves Whimpy Kid too. I’ve bought her a few collections and she enjoys them. I hope she likes Enid Blyton too, but she seems not for now.