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      Last week, someone found me from my blog that I do sculpture balloon. Yeah, I do it for interest and also for my Sunday School children. I started learning when I bought a balloon kit from MPH. It was scary at first because I have phobia in balloon bursting. Any balloon bursting will give me a fright.

      Anyway, I am glad I learnt a few tips from the internet.
      1. Let out some air after you pump up the balloon so that it is soft and easy to twist.
      2. Some models required some space at the end of the balloon. Don’t inflate it fully.
      3. Buy good quality balloon.

      YouTube has a lot of free tutorial on making nice balloon models. I got most of the ideas from there.

      By the way, the person who ordered the balloons from me, we had some much in common. It is a very small world in this island. I am glad her party friends like my balloons.

      If any of you who have children who wants to go Sunday School in Penang island, drop me a comment and I will contact you. I am from the Christian Gospel Hall community. Children age 5 to 12.

      Published on August 10, 2010 · Filed under: Balloon;

    3 Responses to “Surprised”

    1. wow, u r good huh! 🙂

    2. nice……… you sent via post laju or the person picked up?

    3. i actually had interest on this too … but i scared of the balloon bursting too