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      That’s my gal pretend buddy. She will use the name “Lim Leong” whenever she is playing pretend games with her kor kor Tim. I kind of like the name. I am not sure how she comes up with it. She also named her platypus that one of the blogger mum send to her, Shaido.

      Lately I am glad that both of them are playing much more together and less fighting. Last Wednesday, when daddy was out, they played “school pretend” game with each other for more than 1 hour. They took out some homemade erasers, pretending them to be students, other soft toy and Lego. Both of them were creating stories after stories.

      I interrupted them by asking them questions. They asked me not to interrupt them. They don’t allow me to join in the fun.

      Hehehehehe…pretend games are not logical any way but silly me trying to put some logic into it.

      I am happy that they can play without computer or TV.

      Published on August 18, 2010 · Filed under: Parenting;

    4 Responses to “Lim Leong”

    1. I wish my #1 & #2 would play more with each other and fight less. You have such a huge white board at home! My girls would love such a huge white board.

    2. michelle said on

      Yeah, my hubby bought it especially for them. It is good because I used it to tuition my boy. You should get one, not very expensive.

    3. wah..Emily so TALL!!

      Qiqi still acts like a baby. Open her mouth wide to cry out loud, play masak-masak with her toys and her brothers.

    4. She is stepping on the stool.