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    • Suspected UTI

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      Last week, my gal complained her pipe is leaking. Actually she complained weeks before and I told her not to hold her urine. She told me that she didn’t. I also advise her to drink more water and go to the toilet more often. I always have to remind her to drink water. She is nothing like her brother, Tim drinks a lot of water.

      Anyway, I took her to the doctor. After a few questioning, she suspected Urinary Tract Infection. Although there is no fever but it could happen. She asked me to do a urine culture test and she prescribed antibiotic for her. I have to wait 3 days for the result.

      When I showed Emily the bottle to collect her urine, this was what she said.

      Emily: The bottle is so small, how to urine in it?
      Mummy: I will teach you and do for you.

      Emily: Ai yeaaaaa.

      Mummy: All done.

      Emily: Why are you stealing my urine?

      Mummy: Not stealing, the doctor wants to test to see if there is any germ.

      It is definitely easier to collect urine at this age. I still remembered when I had to collect urine when she was 1 year old through to 2 years old. It was really a painful experience. She refused to pee when I want to collect. I had to wait for her to urine, which means every 10-15 minutes, I need to make her urine. It was frustrating when the diaper is wet and I missed it after many tries. Once I successfully collected and the nurse told me that the amount wasn’t sufficient or they accidentally spilled it.

      Some tips for collecting urine at 1-2 years old if you have to:
      1. Collecting very early in the morning or after she drank her milk.

      2. During the collection, place her on a plastic sheet on the bed so that you don’t mess up the bed. You can get the plastic sheet at the pharmacy. Gently run her bladder, about 2 cm above the belly button.

      3. Do not open the collection bottle just unscrew it lightly. The collection bottle is sterile and cannot be contaminated else the results will not be accurate.

      4. After collection, place the bottle cover back and put it in the fridge before transporting to the clinic for testing. Make sure you label it, to prevent anyone from using it accidentally..hehehe.

      Lets hope after she takes her antibiotic, the pipe will be fixed and no longer leaking.

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    3 Responses to “Suspected UTI”

    1. Hope she will get well soon…

    2. oh..din know this can happen to bigger kids. hope Emily is ok.

    3. Aiyo, poor thing, to get it at such a young age. I’m quite bad with drinking water too and got UTI at 20+. Now, I’m quite paranoid about it.

      Don’t know if it’ll help but use this incident to “scare” Emily a bit? Hopefully, it will encourage her to drink more water…

      P/S I didn’t know the bottle is sterile! Thanks for sharing.