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    • Money Grabber

      Well, I don’t give my boy pocket money to school every day because he said he doesn’t need it. My hubby and I will pack him snacks to school. Anyway what the Health Minister said was right, the school canteen only sells fried food, cold nasi lemak, cold fried noodle and not very nutritious food.

      I used to have hot soup noodles in my school or hot delicious chee cheong fun with meat balls. The canteen even served malay dishes and rice, it is always warm. What is your children school canteen serving?

      The story is, I do give my boy occasionally 90 sen to buy milo from the vending machine. He doesn’t want to take more but exact change. Yesterday, I gave him two 50 sen to get a school badge. A school badge roughly cost 50 sen, I gave him two just in case.

      There is this boy whom Tim is very close to, always play with him and I know his mother. He has been taking Tim’s money. Not just once but more than a few times. He takes it directly from his pocket. Tim told me that he couldn’t stop him. Yesterday he took the 50 sen from Tim.

      I decided to call his mother and told him these incidents. Obviously the mother didn’t know he has been doing that. I wonder what she will do to the boy upon hearing this. Let’s hope he will stop taking my boy’s money.

      Published on August 27, 2010 · Filed under: Parenting;

    3 Responses to “Money Grabber”

    1. wow…school bully…
      I hope the boy will stop doing that to other kids…

    2. Chanel: He is not a bully. He apologized and gave back Tim his money. Just need his parents to teach him.

    3. i still saw my girl’s future school selling me soup like those in my school when i registered for her. so tempted to try it out, which i think i should one day!