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    • School Is Out

      Yippy school is out. My children are happy and I am happy. I guess it is bonding time. I am dating my gal to a shopping spree and my hubby is taking my boy to camping.

      The things my children would love to do and do it for hours are

      1. Play water in the swimming pool
      2. Play sand at the beach
      3. Read books at the book shop
      4. Watch cartoon (limited by us)
      5. Play computer games (limited by us)

      Let’s hope they will enjoy this short holiday. Actually I am looking forward to the next one… :giggle:

      What are you doing with your children during the school holiday? Remember to spend quality time with them.

      Published on September 7, 2010 · Filed under: Parenting;

    5 Responses to “School Is Out”

    1. Just got back from the National Science Centre where both my boy and myself got to experiment rocket launcher hands-on! We stopped by at the library to get some books too.. 😛 We simply love school holidays!!

    2. My kids have been ‘boiling’ the TV during the school hols!

    3. this break we go hotel have a nite stay and enjoy the pool dip too.

    4. Kampung stay til now. Boys enjoyed catching insects (gosh!) and my girl gets to be jie jie, taking care of her lil cousin. For me, sleep and eat, eat and sleep. Hahaha…

    5. being in Penang, it’s so easy right? Want to play sand.. go to beach.

      Want to play water, go to the beach also. 😛