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      I am back home at my parents place and we were catching up with each other over dinner. I heard lots of scary stories that were happening in Klang Valley. Looks like crime rates has been increasing. I heard cases of caller disguising themselves as kidnapper and claim to kidnap your love ones, demanding for ransom money.

      Another one was while driving, robbers smashing your window to steal your handbag if you put next to the window. It usually happened when you stopped at the traffic light or jam. You cannot really do anything. Maybe you can put that good quality tint for the window that is not smash-able.

      This happen to my mom and it was quite funny….not the exact words.

      Caller: I have kidnap your father and if you want me to realized him, pay up!

      Mom: My father? You sure?

      Caller: Yes, pay up!

      Mom: My father is dead long time ago! *hang up*

      It is really a scary world out there! I constantly pray that my living God will protect my family and I. He never fails.

      Published on September 11, 2010 · Filed under: Safety;

    4 Responses to “Scary World”

    1. Hey, the person who called your mum probably is a real crook who dialled the wrong number. Some time back there was an email circulating telling people about these kinds of fake kidnapping cases. It seems they go to the extent of tampering with the “victim” mobile number so the family can’t get through to him/her to check if the threat is real.

    2. Penang has less crime rate?
      Haih.. it’s time we let oposition take over hor?

      I just feel so depressed hearing about all these crime stories and racial distrimination things happening in M’sia.

    3. a-moms-diary: Yeah we know he is a crook, I believed he is also not dialing the wrong number but he just didn’t know my grandpa passed away long ago.

      zmm: I won’t say less crime rate but I hope it is under control. Yeah really depressed but we have to trust God to protect us always.

    4. life is sooo hard to predict….
      Pray to God for protection…