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      Both my children are underweight after taking their BMI score. They are fussy eater too. One takes super long time to eat but eat very fast at babysitter place. I believed his nanny is always feeding them. From the start, I told her to let them eat on their own. I believed she has no time and don’t want them to dirty her floor. Therefore the bad eating habit.

      However there are some meals where both my children will eat super fast. Hahaha…it is called FAST FOOD, not any fast food but pizza. Tim loves pizza, he can eat 3 big pieces and Emily loves the chicken wings.

      Another meal that is their favorite is pasta. Tim loves the Bolognaise sauce but Emily loves the white creamy sauce. One of my favorite pasta places will be Pasta Mania. Look, my children can wallop a big plate of pasta all by themselves.

      Published on September 27, 2010 · Filed under: Parenting;

    2 Responses to “Small Eaters”

    1. Haha. Same with my kids. When it comes to the foods they like, I am amazed at the amount they can eat!

    2. Kids are kids…when they love it…it will be fast n clean…