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    • Of Early Christmas & Birthday Presents

      Santa came early, that’s me. When my children knew that I was going to US, they started ordering toys. As usual, my boy asked for Lego and Emily, she didn’t know what she wants at first. She asked for Dora Lego but I didn’t find any in Then she asked for Barbie which she has a couple but hardly play with it. Later I suggested a magnet construction toy. She was excited. Before I left, I ordered those toys and send it to my friend’s place.

      By the way, my friend also got the same magnetic toys for my children but different model. Now we have 2 sets.

      I was going to Delaware and it is one of the US states without tax. Isn’t it great? It will be shopping time there. I went into Apple Store and I came back broke. One present for me and the other for my hubby. He was really surprised when it was presented to him. It was an early birthday present for him that is 2 months away.

      Now I am waiting for the hacker to release an unlock version for my iPhone 4. Sorry, not much stuff I bought this round because I am all broke now after entering Apple Store. No Correlle plates this round. The Coach bags are for sale if anyone wants, leave your email in my comment box.

      Tim’s Toy:

      Emily’s Toy

      Papa’s iPad & iPhone 4 For Me

      Other stuff:

      Fabric For Me To Sew Bags (If I have time….)

      Coach Bags For Sale

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    4 Responses to “Of Early Christmas & Birthday Presents”

    1. amazing how you carried them all back.

    2. the fabric like those for lesportsac.

    3. So much good stuff! Are they very cheap? The fabric is very nice – like what Hui Sia said, they look like LeSport Sac designs.

    4. I am in looooovvvveeeee with those fabrics u got there!