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    • Revision Time

      Tim is having exams next week. Like every mother, I have to spend time revising with him. Actually both my hubby and I. Sometimes if he is in the mood, he will do everything correctly. However at times, he can drive me up the wall. When he does that, I will calm down and make some humor to release the tension. He will let out a shy smile.

      For example, I asked him does pepper powder dissolved in water. He looked blank. I took him to the kitchen to show it to him. And he took it to test it out and he smelled it, which I asked him not to. He didn’t sneeze but his nose sure was itchy. He said the smell was yeaky. By the way, some Science questions were ambiguous.

      The Science text book said that flour, pepper powder and curry powder don’t dissolve in water. Some of it actually does so it is not correct. Then they learned about seeds, asking the students which fruits have seeds. One of the questions asking does grape have seeds? My boy answered No but the book answer said yes. My boy told me what about seedless grape. You see what I mean???!!!

      Published on October 21, 2010 · Filed under: Education, Parenting;

    3 Responses to “Revision Time”

    1. Same here. My son says a spoon floats (plastic one) but one of the workbooks say otherwise and obviously that’s a metal spoon. How to expect a 7 yrs old kid to judge by the look of the picture with no description of the object?>:(

    2. My girl told me her Sc teacher said some paper clips sink, some float. And based on her experiment, it sank. So if exam come out that question, how to answer? 😀
      All the best to Tim!

    3. IM: Really some questions I don’t even know how to answer myself.

      SM: I will asked him to answer according to the text books. After the result comes out, I will have a separate discussion with the teacher if needed.