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      Got you looking, didn’t I? Actually I was referring to Tim’s exam papers. He came home with his first BM paper. I regretted that I checked his paper and here is why.

      I scanned through the first page and second page, I was so happy that no wrong so far. I praised him and then……. I came to the kefahaman (aka comprehension). He got all wrong for the passage. I suspect he didn’t read the passage. First question appear on the first line of the passage exactly the same.

      The passage stated “Ikan berdarah sejuk”
      The question: Ikan berdarah _____ and he can answer “panas”

      You can see me steam up liao. I don’t know why, he can get some of the tough questions right and get all the easy questions wrong. I believed the easy questions are there given by the teacher for the children to score some marks. Tim doesn’t know how to grab that.

      The funny thing is, the second passage, he got all the answers correct from the passage. You tell me how not to “geram” (aka frustrated) with him.

      I don’t expect him to get full or above 90 marks. I am alright if he doesn’t know and learn from it. What I am frustrated about is that he is very careless. He knows and he gets it wrong.

      I made him repeat after me….“I will read the question properly and check my work.” I just hope he does that.

      I am not going to check any more of his papers.

      Published on October 28, 2010 · Filed under: Parenting;

    4 Responses to “Don’t Look”

    1. Most kids tend to make careless mistakes, mine included. He left the last page of his Science (English) paper untouched and had the guts to tell me he knew the answers but didn’t realize there’s another page left unanswered. *faint*

    2. maybe lack of time n he was rushing thru?

    3. Yah, careless mistakes is quite common. My girl circled the question she did not know how to do so she could come back to it later. (as we taught her) When she completed the paper, she checked everything (as we taught her) then skipped the question she circled because she said it will take her too long to do as she does not know it. So she finished checking everything and forgot to come back to the question she circled. Haha. Don’t know what is the point of circling the question then.

    4. my boy also the same…careless