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    • Graduation & Concert 2010

      Clank, Jump, Shake, Twist…you name it, they have it. Yes, today is my girl’s graduation and concert day.

      Yippy!! Emily graduated from kindy and moving into primary school. Today she has a grand concert. I feel for the teachers who spent more than half a year preparing all the children to give a good performance. I like the last part where they did the Sound of Music. Remarkable piece!

      Emily performed in 3 categories, Percussion to the song of Waka Waka (This Time For Africa), Rock ’n’ Roll Dance and acted in a small part of Beauty & Beast.

      This Gal Can Dance & I vote her the best dancer in the concert:

      Published on October 30, 2010 · Filed under: Parenting;

    8 Responses to “Graduation & Concert 2010”

    1. The pre school concert looks very grand, complete with nice backdrop!

    2. HF: Yeah, the teachers did that all by themselves.

    3. put a small video clip up.

    4. Rachel: When I find time to edit it, I will. Now the video is too long to upload.

    5. Well done Emily n congrats on your graduation…

    6. wah..look at her on the last pic! Emily so keng…

    7. Congratulations to Em! She took part in so many performances.

    8. wah.. that little girl like dance until so ‘hiao hiao’.. 😛

      So fast.. graduation already.

      The Waka Waka song seems to be favourite song for all kindergarten performances ler.