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    • Hiking To Pantai Kerachut

      Today was the Deepavali Holiday and my family went hiking. We hiked to Pantai Kerachut, one of Penang National Park in Teluk Bahang. I have heard so much about it and finally I can see it for myself.

      My hubby and Tim went there before and told us it will be at least a 90 minutes hike. I am all prepared for it but not sure if Emily can do it. However we made it. Tim wanted to ride the boat instead of hiking there but it was too costly. A boat rental is RM200 per boat, round trip.

      Entrance & Trail Map

      We decided to hike there and come back by boat. It was not a difficult trail. Most of the trail has steps. One or two that was difficult to cross but there was rope tied by the side to help us.

      First stop was a stream of water, my children decided to go for a feet dip. Well, they just like to play with water. Emily asked why no fish to come and eat off her dirt. As we journey along, we looked at the plants, the trees and listen to the sound of the jungle. Emily & I sang some Sunday School songs as we hike, just to distract her from asking me when it will all end.

      After more than 90 minutes, I believed it was longer than that, they finally saw the bridge that leads to a beautiful beach. By the way, the place here has full facilities such as toilets, a place for shower, camping site and the beautiful beach.

      My children just cannot wait to get themselves wet and they had a good swim with papa. We took the boat back that cost RM50 for my family. You can negotiate with the boat driver. It was really an experience and prepared to get wet. The waves were very rough and it went up & down. Thank God we arrived safely. Here are some pictures of the place…

      Resting at a nice open hall

      Turtles Spot

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    9 Responses to “Hiking To Pantai Kerachut”

    1. Wow… u guys r so adventurous. 😉

    2. what an experience for the kids ya!

    3. Rm50 boat ride is even more interesting than spending in an air con shopping mall 🙂

    4. Nice.. this is some where you cannot drive to? Must hike or take boat?

      And how is the toilet? dirty or what?

    5. ZMM: Not bad, I would say. A lot of campers there so they maintained it well.

    6. Very nice place. How far is it from Gurney Drive? Thinking of going there during our upcoming trip to Penang.

    7. HF: You need to drive to Batu Ferringghi then to Teluk Bahang to Penang National Park. However need to walk 90mins to reach PK. The shortest trail is 20 min to another place will full facilities.

    8. sounds like a good experience for kids…

    9. It’s really nice that you and hubby always take Tim and Emily outdoors – such healthy activity and precious family bonding time.