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    • Langkawi Loot

      I was able to get free AA tickets a year ago for this Langkawi trip. I took my family for a fun vacation. Thanks to a friend who helped me to make booking with Berjaya Spa & Resort Hotel. It was a great stay at kampong chalet. However the hotel rooms are not up to a 5 start standard but the resort was great. They should do something about their rooms.

      I got lots of good stuff from Langkawi except a bottle of wine. I wanted to get a nice bottle of red wine but I just could not find the brand I wanted.

      I got Corningware, 1 5L, 1 3L and 1 1.5L cooking set. It was only RM350.00, retail is RM589.00 What a good bargain!! Thanks to my hubby who helped me to carry it back. The shop that I went to is called Idaman Suri, it has lots of selection on Corningware, Vision, Corelle and others.

      Next I got chocolates, those yummy chocolates. I got lots of Ritter Sport, one of my favorite chocolates. I got some liquor chocolates too. I tell you they have so many varieties and I don’t really know what to choose. Look for yourself!

      I didn’t get much dry seafood or cuttlefish, although it is cheap. I guess Penang has it so it was not worth carrying back here.

      More about the trip later when I have time to sort the pictures….

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    3 Responses to “Langkawi Loot”

    1. Free flight tix n cheap hotel room… all the saved money used for shopping. Wonderful!

    2. Hey.. how come only talk about your loot and not the holidays. 😛

    3. zmm: Sorting out the pictures, soon….