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    • Mangrove Tour In Langkawi

      I am sure you are anxious about my Langkawi vacation. I am sorting out the pictures that is why it took some time.

      First to share is the Mangrove Tour. We woke up early for this because we want to avoid the sun but the weather was cooling, not so hot. We started at 8am, drove 30 minutes from our hotel to Kilim Jetty. My poor kids had to have breakfast in the car.

      Mangrove Tour is a must to see if you are in Langkawi. You can go to Kilim Jetty and book a boat for 1,2 or 3 hours. I would say 2 hours is just nice. If you want to go for a swim which I don’t recommend, you can go for 3 hours. The rate for 1,2 and 3 hours are RM200,RM300 and RM400 respectively for a boat. I managed to get 3 hours for RM330.00.

      What is inside the tour?
      – Mangrove Sightseeing
      – Fish Farm with fish feeding, kids would love this.
      – Crocodile Cave which has no crocodile
      – Eagles Feeding, lots of eagle flying. Great sight!
      – Bat Cave, lots of bats…..sleeping
      – Andaman Sea, nothing there…
      – Icon Kilim Geoforest Park, nothing there…

      Look at the pictures for yourselves…don’t you feel like going too?

      Fish Farm Feeding:

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    1. That’s nice….
      We go to Langkawi always end up at the beach and cable car only.