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    • Breathtaking Langkawi View

      We went up to one of Langkawi Sky Bridge using cable cars, located in Oriental Village.

      It is a breathtaking view up there. However because I am a little height phobia, walking on it gave me goose bumps. Fortunately I didn’t faint. My children felt nothing and kept walking without any problem. I am glad that their hiking experience paid off as I can see some guys stopping to take rest climbing up the stairs.

      The weather was nice, not too hot. You must go there if you are in Langkawi. Here is some pictures to show you the great view.

      Oriental Village, looks the same after all these years.

      The Q to the cable car.

      The Breathtaking View

      Published on December 28, 2010 · Filed under: Travel;

    7 Responses to “Breathtaking Langkawi View”

    1. i been there twice and seems like a lot shops has been closed down on business. Although a very pretty place, too bad they do not give attention to keep the place well or do any great promotion on that.

    2. Chinnee: If I am not wrong, the business belong to govt. All the employee just work there. One thing I don’t like was they didn’t bother when some children were abusing the rabbits there!

    3. the view is really nice…..n breathtaking…

    4. Chanel: Yeap and weather is good too.

    5. I bn to the sky bridge at Langkawi 2 years ago … that time i go jalan alone on the sky bridge, sad to say, my hub got “high” problem, he not dare to walk along the bridge …..!!!


      May this year of 2011 be ….
      A year of health and Happiness …
      A year of wealth and wisdom …
      A year of peace and prosperity …
      A year of Glee and Glow …
      & also a year of Love and Laughter …
      Happy New Year !!

    6. Anggie: At first I dare not, every step give me goose bumps. But I survived! Have a blessed 2011

    7. We din go to the Sky Bridge. But managed to catch the beautiful sunset. And it was so windy when we’re up there 2 yrs ago. So afraid the kids (and me) wud be blown away. hahaha