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    • Emily Orientation School Day

      It was a long and tiring half day for me. It started at 7:30am. I told Emily to sleep early because she is not a morning person. She woke up with a happy face, a good start. She was all excited wearing her new uniform and dragging her new power puff girls roller bag. The orientation was supposed to start at 8:30am but I was surprised that many of the parents were early.

      I had to send Emily to the class for a diagnostic test. Poor thing, first day she has to take exam for class streaming. 95% of the students were already seated and the teacher started to brief them on the test. It was only 8:15am. They started the test before 8:30am.

      I stood outside the class to peep at the question paper. I saw Maths and BM questions. The BM section had making simple sentences with words provided. Last section I heard from Emily was Maths in BM, translating the BM words into Maths equation and solving the problem. Guess who was sweating? Not the students but the parents standing outside. One of the parents who were also the teacher of the school told me, she was shocked to see the tough questions too. Anyway, I am glad Emily did well, she gotten into the class she wanted. There were more than 300 students in Std 1 and only 2 Chinese gals, no Chinese boys.

      It was a long day because we had to wait for the teachers to mark the paper and stream the students in the class accordingly. I wonder why they don’t do this on the 1st week of school. It was kind of ambitious for the school to do it all in 1 day. 2nd part was for parents to submit the forms, pay the school fees, get the new books and measure the child for sportswear.

      By the way, I have to say kudos to the headmaster, he gave a 2 hour speech in the hall, while the students were having the test. Fortunately for me, there was wifi in the school to keep me company.

      If you notice in the picture, she will be the first batch who will do Maths & Science in BM. I was hoping that she will escape from the change because it was suppose to implement in year 2012. It is kind of sad but I guess I have to teach her Maths & Science in English.

      Published on December 31, 2010 · Filed under: Parenting;

    14 Responses to “Emily Orientation School Day”

    1. the school teacher very hardworking ya, mark test on the same day. but parent got to wait little longer. my girl school about 3 hours finish the orientation.

    2. Jess: Yeah, so many teacher turn up to help. It is a working day for them. I guess today they can rest.

    3. Only 2 Chinese girls and no Chinese boys for the whole standard 1? Not like those days when I was in Kebangsaan school many decades ago, almost half of my class was Chinese.

    4. Inspiredmomx1: Yeah mine too, 80% of my class was Chinese. Now 1 in 50 Chinese parents, maybe more are sending their kids to Chinese kids.

    5. wah…really so sikit chinese kids in kebangsaan school nowadays?

    6. What a big change from those days – I was a kebangsaan student but we had a good mix of all races.

      Anyway, hope Emily will settle in nicely and blessed 2011 to you and your family.

    7. Kudos to Emily for faring well & getting into the class that she wants. Math & Science in BM is only for Kebangsaan school right? It will still be taught in English & Chinese in Chinese schools right?

    8. Health Freak: In Kebangsaan school, it will be S & M in BM. In Chinese school, it will be S&M in Chinese. No more S & M in English.

    9. So few Chn in that sch. My girl’s sch got abt 25% Chn students.
      Altho they dun teach in Eng, but the text books for S & M, r there also terms in Eng or everything’s in BM?

    10. michelle said on

      slavemom: The textbooks/workbooks are all new and in BM for my gal (refer to picture). My boy still learning it in English until further notice.

    11. I prefer to be taught in English too… so, means I need to polish my girl’s BM already

    12. michelle said on

      Sharine: You intend to send your kids to Kebangsaan?

    13. The school has WIFI! Terror.
      Btw, the headmaster gave speech, you didn’t listen? hehe.

    14. I am surprise the percentage of chinese is sooo low unlike my time …

      I am sure Emily did well…