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      My children definitely have weird eating habits. I meant the way they eat and not so much the food they take. Let’s start with my boy…

      Timothy Eating Habit
      He still takes milk or Milo before and after sleep. He takes a fair amount of time to eat his meal. He enjoys picking bits by bits from the plate. I am not sure whether he wants to enjoy every bit of the food or what. It certainly drives me crazy especially if I am rushing. Most of the time, he will be the last to finish and the whole wide world will sit at the table waiting for him. Yes, if he eats noodle, he will eat a strand of noodle at a time.

      In order for me to speed up his eating process, I have to help him scoop and put it in his mouth. He will give me a frown.

      Yesterday, I took my children to economy rice stall. Both of them were given a plate of rice and they scoop their own dish.

      Later, I was surprised that Tim was the first to finish his meal. He scooped the rice and dishes together into his mouth. I thought finally change his eating habit. Sad to say, he went back to his old eating habit the next day. Sigh. My hubby told me, he ate fast because he wants to go to school early.

      Emily Eating Habit
      She is like the weather. One day she eats fast and sometimes she likes to act up. It is not about the food she is taking. However most of the time, she prefers rice and dishes but unpredictable.

      I really hope one day they will eat like normal so that I don’t have to waste time waiting for them to finish.

      Published on January 7, 2011 · Filed under: Parenting;
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    One Response to “Eating Habits”

    1. Zara eats pretty well. And since school reopened, she has to take her breakfast and lunch alone, and she’ll do it without having anybody to ‘ngam-cham’.. Zaria.. aiyo.. really pick her food. Like Tim, she’s always last to leave the table. We used to try to feed her, now, we just let her eat on her own, drink her own soup, if she’s slow, then she just get left at the table 😛