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      I saw this in the mall and my girl wanted one. I got myself and her, a small one to start with. I like painting but I know I am not good at it. With this, there are numbers on the canvas for me to follow. Anyone can paint.

      After doing a small piece, now I am addicted. I bought a med size one. Cool?

      Published on January 15, 2011 · Filed under: Myself;

    6 Responses to “My Art Project”

    1. Hey, I saw this at Parkson too that day. Very interesting but quite pricey though.

    2. Vy nice! Arts stuff nowadays vy “user-frenly”. 🙂 I’m assuming the pack comes with paint as well?

    3. InspiredMom This mid size set is under RM50

      slavemom Yes paint and brush.

    4. looks soo nice after painted…like pro…

    5. This is really nice. My 2 older girls will love this! You painted the first bear pic?

    6. yes, i saw this somewhere too … thot to buy and paint … look like pro .. hahhaha
      btw, i realize ur blog didnt update at my blog list lei, why ar ??? that’s y i hardly drop by here … 😛