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    • Don’t Underestimate Me

      Tim lost his music text book so he needs to get another 1 from the bookshop. His daddy asked him to check the price from the book store. With his timid character, he failed to do it or he forgot. Two days ago, I fetched him to school, gave him RM4 and asked him to get the book. I told him the book may be RM5 but I only have RM4 in my wallet. He has some money in his to top it up if it cost more than RM4.

      At the end of the day, did he get the book? Here is the story.

      His Story
      Tim: You gave me RM4 and while you were driving me to school, I took RM1 from my wallet and add it to the RM4. I bought the book.

      Me: How do you know the book was RM5?

      Tim: Yeah it is RM5! *so confident*

      Emily Story
      Emily: First I parked my bag, then I followed him to the bookstore. There were noisy kids buying stuff. He asked for “buku muzik tahun 3” (music book for primary 3). The book shop guy gave him the book and took his money.

      I was still not convinced that the book was RM5. I asked Tim to bring it out for me to check. Yeap, RM5 it is. I have so little confident in him, lesson for me to increase my confident in him. However I teach him to always ask how much before giving the money.

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    3 Responses to “Don’t Underestimate Me”

    1. Yup, we always underestimate our kids..

    2. yes….they are smart…

    3. same here. never give them the benefit of doubt..n likewise in our workplace.. we have to trust n have confidence with our staff..