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    • Holiday Fever

      It was not much of a holiday for the children. A day after my son had his birthday, he caught a fever. He was down for 2 days. Right after he recovered, Emily caught his fever. Both had fever as high as 38.9. I had to monitor their temperature and sponge them. Emily refused suppository and I was afraid her fever fit will return. Thank goodness, it did not.

      With 4 hourly courses of fever medication and antibiotic, both recovered on Friday. I guess it was God’s protection on both because a lot of church people have been praying for both of them. Thank you all!

      Well, it was only Saturday left. I took both of them to Borders and Toys R Us to have their fun. By the way, due to my busy work schedule, I didn’t plan much for this March School Holiday.

      However, I have planned for June holiday and I cannot wait for June to come! Now I need to start planning for December holiday.

      Published on March 21, 2011 · Filed under: Parenting;

    2 Responses to “Holiday Fever”

    1. March is a short holiday only…
      Looking forward to see your post on the next holiday…
      I have yet to plan anything yet…

    2. Sherilyn recently had high fever too. I showered her whenever her temp shot up. She had no appetite to eat, so I fed her full with lots of barley water, water and fruits. After 2 days, she recovered. Thank God!