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      The other day my boy asked me to help him with his homework because he said he didn’t know how to do. I am also the tuition teacher in the house. After dinner, he came to me and showed me his exercise book.

      One look, I called out for help. It was his Chinese homework. Although I sent him to National school, he still needs to take 1 subject in Chinese, which is good. However, I really do not know how to help him. I went outside and peep at my neighbor’s house. I saw my neighbor’s son and request him to help Tim. He was delighted to help him. My neighbor invited Tim over.

      I am so glad that I can get my neighbor to help him with this. Next time, I may just scan her homework and post it on FB for help. :giggles:

      Published on March 23, 2011 · Filed under: Parenting;
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    1. good thing you got your next door to help….