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  • 5 Responses to “Just Beautiful”

    1. Sunset? Simply beautiful

    2. Robin Tan said on

      hi, sorry…i would like to find out smtg fr u…
      i got Gainbac fr pharmacy for my kid’s IBS, when i google, i found your site about this probiotics… i just realize that i can’t find any MAL no on tat product, is it registered?
      Are u stil using tat product?

      Thanks a lot

    3. michelle said on

      Robin: I got Gainbac from the pediatric doctor. Nope I am not using it anymore. I usually ask the doc to prescribe it if my child is taking antibiotic.

    4. Robin Tan said on

      Thanks Michelle…

      Just make sure next time you check with your doctor when prescribing probiotics.. whether it’s approved by ministry of health..

      Health concern important especially for our kids..

    5. michelle said on

      Robin: hahaha…u are funny. “Approved by ministry of health” will be safe???!!! I will looked for FDA approved better.

      The one I got from the doc has the ministry approval with the sticker.