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    • Father’s Day

      I took the opportunity to pig out, I mean celebrate Father’s Day with my in-laws. I picked a buffet steamboat place in town, at Maclister Rd, Penang. It is called Town Steamboat Buffet. It is always filled with a crowd, whenever we go there. It cost around RM20 per adult and senior citizen has discount.

      The food, plenty of varieties but reduced compare to the last time we went there. They have all kinds of seafood, meat, vegetables, fish balls, meat balls, dim sum, desserts, ice-cream, drinks satay and durian. Yes, they served durian. Super worth it for the prize we are paying.

      By the way, it is a combination of BBQ and steamboat. Sad to say that our stove didn’t work too well and it took a long time for the soup to boil.

      It is an open air place so you need to bear with the heat and sweaty crowd. Anyway I was completely full to the brim when I left the place.

      Verdict? I still prefer Shabu Shabu, pay a little more for air condition. I like the one in Kuchai Lama, KL. Every time I go back to hometown, we will eat there.

      Published on June 23, 2011 · Filed under: Food, Parenting;

    5 Responses to “Father’s Day”

    1. is the durian good? Rm20 for adults is really cheap!

    2. Do they serve durian all the time?

    3. michelle said on

      slavemom: Only during durian season kuah.

    4. I think I must be the only weirdo who doesn’t like steamboat 🙂 Why do you like it so much?

    5. michelle said on

      kitty: I like to eating all the vegetables. 🙂