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    • Ice Cream Days

      I don’t know about you but I had this type of ice cream when I was in school. I still remember the canteen old uncle sold each for 20 sen each. I really missed the asam boi (sour plum) flavor ones. I can have a few in a day.

      My neighbors made these for my children. My son loves it because he loves chewing on ice. However he didn’t know how to eat it until I teach him how.

      I must make some sour plum ones. If you know the recipe, let me know. I don’t want to make it from cordial or artificial flavored sour plum juice. I need the authentic ones. Thinking about this makes me drool.

      Published on June 25, 2011 · Filed under: Food;

    5 Responses to “Ice Cream Days”

    1. It reminds me my school days too, when I was a child its was first thing for I can do anything..

    2. Oh yeah, I remember these!!!

      When I was in Std 3 or something LOL I think I just put about 3 asam boi at the bottom of the plastic bag and then poured warm water in it, tied the knot and stuck them in the freezer. My grandmother found it really funny 🙂

    3. bring back all the memories…. I also miss it…

    4. those days, having one of these is good enough already right? we do not even need baskin robin, hehe

    5. Ais potong??? I like!