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      Last minute, I decided to go back to hometown with my children during the Raya festive month. I was looking for a safe and affordable transport to go back. My hubby could not join us because he had a project to do.

      I heard of the Aeroline bus and went online to make a booking for my kids and I. You can also select your seats. The only bug in the system is that, I cannot book 1 adult and 2 children but 2 adult and 1 child. Don’t ask me why. The system kept throwing out error messages.

      It is a double deck bus and it has a lounge at the bottom. I felt that the seats are very comfortable but because of the height, the bus is rather bumpy. The bottom deck is better.

      My kids love it very much especially they can watch cartoons on my notebook while traveling. The bus also provided power points for you to plug your notebook in. However you need to get your own Internet. I am glad I had an USB internet.

      On top of that, they served lunch and hot beverages like coffee, tea or milo. Cool?

      By the way pick up in Penang is at Queensbay Mall or the Sg Nibong Bus station. In KL, it is Hotel Corus in Ampang.

      Published on September 15, 2011 · Filed under: Parenting;

    4 Responses to “Bus With A Lounge”

    1. It’s been ages since I got onto an express bus. Still remember those days of commuting back to hometown during varsity days and inhaling all those toxic smoke in Puduraya.

    2. look good! btw, is the toilet clean?

    3. I have not heard of it, and am trying to stay away from bus after hearing many scary stories about speeding bus. Do they speed?

    4. CP: I didn’t visit the toilet on the bus but I have seen pictures on the website, looks clean.

      Chinnee :I think I drive faster than them. The speed is average, no speeding.