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    • All The Way From SWISS

      I received a huge parcel today from SWISS. I thought someone send me chocolates from there. By the way, the postman just threw this package over my gate. Fortunately it was nothing fragile inside.

      What’s in it? It is my Adventures of Tin Tin Collection set. My kids love these comic. They used to hang around Borders reading it. I ordered it from with free shipping. It is a good online bookstore, everything is free shipping. I wished they have other products than books.

      This month alone, I have invested a lot on books. I am glad my kids are bookworms and they love to read.

      Books from Logos Hope Biggest Floating Book Fair

      Books from KL Big Book Fest

      Published on September 21, 2011 · Filed under: Parenting;

    3 Responses to “All The Way From SWISS”

    1. Wow! That’s lots of them!! I missed the KL Big Book Fest. How much did you pay for Geronimo Stilton and Survival Science comics at the book fest? My boy loves those books to bits. 🙂

    2. InspiredMom: Those were on 25% discount I think.

    3. Wah, so many books! Good that yr kids are book worms than other worms haha.