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    • Bad Experience With Pantai Medical Cheras Again

      On the second day of Chinese New Year, Emily developed wheezing at night and a slight fever. Due to public holiday, most clinics were closed. I resort to bringing her to the hospital (Pantai Medical Cheras), at least they have emergency wad open. Oh boy, there was a queue and we waited. Everyone has to wait, no difference whether emergency or not.

      It came to our turn and here is the conversation with the MO.

      Doc: What’s wrong with her?
      Me: She has wheezing and need the nebulizer. She also has a slight fever.
      Doc: You doctor? *taken back by his sarcasm, I went speechless*
      Doc: Does she have flu?
      Me: Yes, started with runny nose 2 days ago.
      Doc: What color what her phlegm or nose discharge?
      Me: Don’t know because no discharge, she didn’t even blow her nose.
      Doc: I don’t mean to be rude but I need to understand her situation…bla bla..bla.. *yeah right*
      Doc: Is she asthmatic?
      Me: Nope. But she is allergic to certain type of food like M&M and Japanese biscuit. Every time she takes it, she will get wheezing.
      Doc: I believed she is asthmatic. Did you take her to see a specialist?
      Me: Yes, in fact her doctor is a pediatrician.
      Doc: Did she do a test?
      Me: No because her wheezing attack is not frequent. Once or twice a year.

      He kept going on about her being asthmatic. Well next time, I go to my pediatric doc, I will ask her. I still don’t believe my girl is asthmatic. Maybe she is allergy to certain food that causes the wheezing. I read in the web that allergy is not asthma.

      After she had a cause of nebulizer, she felt much better. Note to self, I need to bring the nebulizer unit with me the next time I travel with her. In fact after 1 day, she totally recovered with no fever.

      That’s not the end. I went to the pharmacy to collect medication. Guess what? The nurse gave me 2 bottles of fever medicine, 1 bottle of antibiotic, 1 bottle of ventolin and 1 bottle of cough mixture. I was shocked to see 2 bottles of fever medicine as she only have mild fever.

      I rejected 1 bottle of fever med and antibiotic. I believed it is not necessary. I got a refund of RM$60. Make sure you check the medicine that your doctor give you. Not all are needed.

      However, they couldn’t give me a bill with refund taken out. Some more the officer dared to ask me to claim more from my company. *rolled eyes* Really where is the ethics here?

      That’s it, no more Pantai Medical Cheras for me. The first time, the MO failed to put an IV and now this. Hrmm, wonder how they train the officers there.

      Published on January 30, 2012 · Filed under: Parenting;
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    One Response to “Bad Experience With Pantai Medical Cheras Again”

    1. I am very careful with medicines too because I find that most MOs / GPs tend to prescribe too much medicine.

      Hmm…my boy had a bout of wheezing too when he ate something wrong the other day. I was quite worried and gave him a dose of Ventolin via the aerochamber and he felt much better.

      He’s more or less like your girl but my paed also labels him as asthmatic because of the wheezing etc…

      Btw, Happy Chinese New Year to you!