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      I got into playing this additive game called Draw Something. You draw and your friend will guess. You can invite your friend through email, username or Facebook. I started will playing with strangers but more of my FB friends join in.

      This is the toughest picture I had to draw, guess what it is?

      There are people who do not know the meaning of the game and kept putting up questions for me to guess. One stranger drew a girl with no clue and expected me to know the name of the girl. Hello! There are thousands of artist out there. Another one, typed out the whole song and asked me to guess the singer. I had to call Google for help. Now I will pass those who ask me questions. One person called me an idiot because I passed. Really funny people out there!

      Well, now I just stick to playing with friends. It is much more fun. Like once I really played till very late, probably sleepy. I drew “wink” but the word was kangaroo. However my cousin could guess it and she SMS my picture to me. LOL.

      If you are looking for a fun app, you should play this. My kids also love to help me draw.

      Published on March 20, 2012 · Filed under: Parenting;
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    1. Just heard of this apps but havent try it yet. I think my 6 years old girl would be interested in this apps. She simply love drawing and always ask me to guess what she draws.