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    • Early Christmas Shopping

      I told you I will show you what I got from CottonOn. Here ya go! I took the opportunity of the FREE SHIP. I love my RM6 sandals and my RM15 shoes. The flip flops were a steal, RM6 each. There were 2 tops that I got. One which they send me the wrong order and credited me for their mistake. The other one, the material was a little thin. No more online shopping for clothes, it always doesn’t turn out right.

      First Order:

      2nd Order:

      I also ordered shoes for my girl but both times, the sizes were wrong. I cannot believe it! Well I will give it to my friend’s daughter. So far I like what I ordered.

      Now I have to buy over RM250 to get freeship. I will stop spending money for now.

      By the way another GOOD NEWS, watch my blog, soon there is some FREE GIVEAWAYS! I am SO EXCITED!!!!

      Published on October 18, 2012 · Filed under: Parenting;
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    1. At first glance, the kids’ clothes on the site are not really cheap, in my opinion. However, I have my eye on some women’s wear. Not sure if the quality is dependable though.