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    • Monster High Giveaway Part 2

      GIVEAWAY ENDED! Come back for your last chance. Keep Reading…

      Don’t you wish you have one of these beautiful dolls? Yes you can. Read on.

      All Mattel Monster High Dolls come with a killer style

      Draculaura Killer Style:
      She love to splash her black outfits with cheery pink and she even carry a frilly umbrella so she can take an occasional walk in the sun.

      Frankie Stein Killer Style:
      Her friends love to take her shopping for some scary cute clothes that are absolutely to die for. Of coz her beautiful shiny gold hair with black stripes is so cool!

      Clawdeen Wolf
      She is fierce fashionista with a confident no-nonsense attitude. She is also gorgeous, intimidating and absolutely loyal to her friends

      Cleo De Nile
      She is a true Egyptian princess complete with headdress exotic jewelry and oh yeah, the occasional stray bandage wrapping.

      Lagoona Blue
      She likes to creep out in her baggies, tank top and floppies. But she also like to show up to parties in her scary cute dress just to show everybody she can pull off the look.

      Ghoulia Yelps
      Her horn-rimmed “geek chic” glasses. They absolutely go with everything.

      Wow! Don’t you love their unique styles? Now it is your turn….to win one of the 9 dolls above, you need to answer the question below in the comment box:

      Each Monster High doll has a killer style, what is your killer style? Tell us which character reflects your personal fashion sense…

      Hint: Please visit for character details.

      Contest is open to anyone with a Malaysia Shipping Address.
      Contest End Date: 9th Dec 2012

      All the best to you! Remember to earn a better chance of winning, use your creativity to answer the question.

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    7 Responses to “Monster High Giveaway Part 2”

    1. Great! Another giveaway, here’s my entry :-
      My killer style is:-
      I’m a freaky, chic and fabulous fashionista with a fierce personality. I’m also absolutely humble and protective about my friends-If anybody tries to hurt them, they’ll be sure to be claw’d by me!
      The one who has my personal sense of fashion is Clawdeen Wolf.

    2. Q: What is your killer style? Tell us which character reflects your personal sense of fashion.
      A: I’m a ghoul who love to work some gorgeous pattern and bold colours. It’s like whenever I go somewhere, my outfit never ran out of style and I like to work some of my accessories too ( fierce, fabulous and workin’ it! ).The character that reflects my personal sense of fashion is the fierce and fabulous fashionista, Clawdeen Wolf.

    3. Zara Kim Khoo said on

      My killer style is my BRIGHT METAL smile that catches people’s attention, and of course, my bigger-than-my-face specs ^^ I like cute little dresses, preferably in bright colours! My current fave dress is a sassy sunny yellow number that I think exhibits my personality perfectly 😀

    4. oops, and the character that reflects me the most is Frankie Stein 😀

    5. Haikal Osman said on

      I would have to say that my killer style is I like to rock my rockin’ cool headphone. I also has an some cool pair of shoe to go with. People also digs my choice of music ‘cuz their on fire baby! And I think the character that reflects my sense of fashion is our rockin’ cool DJ, Holt Hyde!

    6. I’m a real nerd. Complete with the black-rimmed glasses and all. But underneath all that, I’m highly packed with knowledge. For me, that’s kind of a fashion. I may not talk much, but you’d wish that my mind would stop thinking so loudly. I hunger for knowledge and my mind is always swarming with ideas, some of them can be considered insane… Just kidding. I may look superior, but fret not because I am actually fangtastically friendly.
      So I must say that Ghoulia Yelps bears the most accurate impression of my fashion sense.

    7. I am most likely to be a very bubbly and also the cheery one. Pink has always been a signature colour, so I would actually wear an outfit with a splash of pink. I’m also voltageously friendly because my smile bring the cheery side of me and encouraging people is my middle name. With a flirty sense of fashion, Miss Draculaura is the one I chose that reflects my style in the character.