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    • Libra Cruise Day 1

      We went on a 3N Cruise, the second time. The first was on a Virgo Cruise. However this time on a smaller ship, much smaller. How was the experience? Seriously I need more time onboard. Definitely too many activities and spend too little time on the ship.

      There are plenty of food and 4 meals a day! You cannot go hungry! There are 3 restaurants with free food, Four Seasons, Ocean Palace and Mariners International Buffet Restaurant on Deck 9. I felt Mariners and Four Seasons are the best 2. Mariners offer the best selection of food choices. Four Seasons served Western meals and Ocean Place served Chinese meals. 4 meals a day, breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper. You can pick only 1 restaurant per meal.

      We boarded the ship early at 1 pm and went for lunch. Lunch was nothing to shout about but the BBQ sail away party had plenty to eat! One thing I didn’t like was, you need to pay for drinks except water. You will see many staff selling juices, beer or wine. They don’t just approach you once but many times and every day.

      We went for a tour around the ship. I thought they will show us the different types of rooms but didn’t. The ship has a free gym but you need to wear gym clothes and shoe before you can use it. There are 2 swimming pools, one for children and the other for adult which is 7 feet deep. My kids love the Jacuzzi which is heated, you can even enjoy a night deep.

      We were given a schedule of all the shows, activities and events. You can pick and choose what you want to do. We chose to just relax and enjoy the sail.

      The pool party was filled with entertainment like singing, dancing and fun! I found the speaker was too loud and really hate it when the singer scream as she sings. Almost burst my ear drum. I was glad that it was over and I can have a peaceful dinner with a great view of the sea.

      Onboard Time: 1-3pm
      Phuket: 12pm – 12 am Day 2
      Krabi : 11am – 5pm Day 3
      Penang: 12am Day 4

      Our cabin with window view:

      The Pool Deck

      Kids Enjoying The Breeze

      The Sunset

      The Two Kiddos OnBoard

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    1. Thanks for sharing this – the cruise looks like a good idea for kids.

      The cabin has a good view although it looked like a tight squeeze. Guess the parents have to climb up?