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    • Monster High – Giveaway III Extended!!

      The giveaway has been now closed. Thank you for participating…

      This is your last chance to win a gift for yourself or your child. You can win Monster High – Create-A-Monster Starter Set. Here is how. It is the best engineer dolls you will ever get! You or your child will love it.


      Answer this question in the comment box:

      If you could create your monster, tell us the name and it’s personality…

      Hint: Use the most creative way to answer this question for a greater chance to win!

      Contest is open to anyone with a Malaysia Shipping Address.
      Contest End Date: 9th Jan 2013

      By the way, here is a great video for you to watch to boost your creative cells. A Flash Mob from Monster High at Pavillion. Those kids are really talented….Malaysia Kids Boleh!

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    9 Responses to “Monster High – Giveaway III Extended!!”

    1. Qiqi wish to participate:

      Given Name: Belinda
      Personality: A very reserved and quiet girl. May look shy and sensitive on the outer side. Indeed annoying when that quietness is perceived a lack of confidence or self-esteem.

      In actual, Belinda is very self motivated. However quiet girl can be fierce and will turn green when she is mad so don’t you come dare to bully her!

    2. Given name : A Fiery Princess
      Personality : A princess that have a fierce looks,but she will give a sweet scary smile when she gets angry and her fierce face will turn RED.

    3. Given name: Makayla

      Personality: Just as the meaning of the name suggested, ‘who resemble God?’ Makayla has a God like heart and kindness. She has dark shiny hair and striking features, but don’t her beautiful sweet face fool you, she is possessiveness, egotism or has a more dominating personality. She believes she is the leader of all. However, she is optimistic, honest and loyal to her family and friends.

      When she is mad or crossed at something, everybody would know because she screams extremely loud and her hair are all spike up and her finger nails grow longer.

    4. Given Name: Sasha Sasquatch
      Personality: “I’m a shy ghoul who has a very hard time socializing with other monsters. I’m also a very mysterious ghoul who likes to hide from others when they sees me. I also do sports which makes me a great athlete in running events. My style would have to reflect my personality which is shy and mysterious but I would have say that I like to work my signature fur coat in school’s hallway. Despite my shy personality, I also am easily hot tempered as other monsters like to push me around.


    5. Name: Phoebe Nix
      Personality: Phoebe is a ghoul who loves the adventure, travel and exciting lifestyle. She doesn’t like being boring to other monsters and will do things that spark a little fire in that situation. She is also daring which she is willing to do something that has to with anything dangerous. Phoebe’s attitude can be positive in any situation and has great communication skills.

    6. Given name: Violet Tutan

      Personality: She is the only out of wed lock daughter of Tutankhamun. Her distinct feature is her violet hair and voilet-ish skin tone. She loves playing the piano and can sing really well. She loves baking but is a horrible baker. Somehow her baking goods tastes like dirt. Her friends doesn’t have the heart to tell her the truth, so they always pretend that her baking products were delish. They even convinced her to open a pastry shop. She hates dishonest people. When she is angry, she goes back to the violet pyramid and plays The flight of the bumblebee piece.

    7. Given name: Grimhilda

      Personality: She is none other than the niece of The Evil Queen from Snowwhite. A total opposite personality of her infamous aunt, she is quite possible the sweetest and friendliest girl in the world. She loves to write poems. Her poems are well known in the Monster world, even in the Human world. Her poems makes you smile and feel really cheerful for the rest of the day. She has photographic memory. So she is the best person to sit next to during exam time. She likes to play harmless small tricks on her friends. The only time she loses control is when she sees the word, ‘SALES!’ on shopping malls.

    8. Lysandera ‘Ly’ Davenport is a skinny and tall elf. She is dark-haired with brown eyes that seem to stare into your soul. She is very pretty but believes herself dimmed in comparison to the other ghouls. She is long-limbed but has very delicate features. She has very pointy elbows and dark eyebrows. Ly is easily upset and can be provoked by mild actions, she’s sensitive. She is strong and witty, and always says straight out what’s she’s thinking. She isn’t shy; on the contrary she’s one of the most confident elves. She is capable of very high things including giving others the confidence that they need. Ly is, in truth, an elf with the power to tell stories so enchanting and powerful that they could capture a person and actually make them feel as though they were living in the story. She also loves singing and nature.

      Hope I’m not late. Submitted this comment before. Just realized the contest has been extended 🙁

    9. This is a resubmission of my entry…seems to be missing from your website..hope I’m still in time..

      If I could create a special monster,
      Her name would be Alexandra Orger,
      An ogre by night, and a human by day,
      Thanks to her parents she is unique this way,
      She seems so dainty, so perfect, so princessy,
      With porcelain skin, her straight ruby hair is never messy,
      As she sashays down the corner,
      Don’t startle her or her strength will throw you over,
      Power she has, so she’s on the school’s wrestling team,
      But with her intelligence, she is a nerd on Science stream,
      She likes reading book of every kind,
      She loves watching sports too, it blows off her mind!
      It seems like she’s a ghoul that every boy-ghoul wants,
      But when the sun has set, they tend to run!
      It’s not that bad if you think about it,
      She only changes to green and becomes a larger breed!!