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    • First Yew Sang 2013

      Yew Sang is a dish we eat during Chinese New Year. It has mixed vegetables like carrots, radish, ginger, mixed fried crackers and of course the raw salmon. My children like to eat this. There are 2 places I would get this, Sushi King and Jusco Sushi counter and I tell you why. They do not provide any fake coloring stuff as most places do. On top of that, the salmon is quite fresh.

      We had the first 2013 yew sang on 12 Jan 2013 and I am sure there is more to come. Cannot wait for Chinese New Year!!

      Published on January 20, 2013 · Filed under: Food;

    2 Responses to “First Yew Sang 2013”

    1. which one is nicer? Sushi King’s or Jusco’s?

    2. chinneeq This year I haven’t get to try Jusco because they still haven’t started. I like Sushi King, their ingredients are less of coloring and fake stuff.