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    • First Fall

      August 23, 2007

      Yesterday, Tim and Em went to the park with daddy while I can peacefully watch my favorite TV. My enjoyment didn’t last long when Tim came home crying. Daddy told me he fell down while running in the park. He has minor bleeding on his knee and elbow. He was frightened and crying.

      Tim refused to let daddy touch the wound or let him wash the wound. I came to the rescue. I took out the first aid kit, a bowl of water and some cotton. Wet the cotton. Here is the trick. First distract Tim, he was busying looking at the things in the first aid kit and Emily was kepohing asking mummy what is this and what is that.

      Second, do not touch the wound, wipe the area around the wound. If you wipe the wound straight and the child feel pain, he will never allow you to touch him. After wiping around the wound, you can slowly work you way into the wound.

      After cleaning it with water, apply the yellow antiseptic lotion. The one I had was good because Tim didn’t feel any pain at all. I know some iodine lotion will cause a little pain. You can use some cartoon plaster to cheer your child up. I used the Superman plaster on his elbow which he was very pleased with.

    • Behaving

      August 22, 2007

      This morning I had an early meeting at 8am. Emily was still sleeping and I let her sleep in. I thought after the meeting I will take her to the babysitter. Halfway through the meeting, I heard footsteps coming down the stairs. Oh no, I was afraid she will make noise or cry while I am on the conference call.

      She peeped into my room. All I did was put my finger up my lips, asking her to be quiet. She tip toe into my room and play quietly while I was having my meeting. Amazing, I just couldn’t believe it. She must have woken up on the right side of the bed. She was playing by herself until the meeting was over.

      Sometimes she has a stubborn character whereby you tell her not to do something, she will refuse to comply. I will scold her. The next time, she will learn to comply because she dislikes me scolding her. She did ask me not to scold her. I guess you just need to be stern once for them to experience it that you mean business.

    • Notebook Drown

      August 21, 2007

      I was working late last night, attending a lengthy meeting with US & EU team at 1am. Yeah now you know that I have to work at weird hours while some of you are waiting for the USD1K PPP to flash on your screen. Anyway, this is not what I want to blog about.

      As I was listening to the discussion, I saw an ant crawled pass and on to my keyboard. I picked up the keyboard, regretted I did that. The keyboard hit my cup of water and it split all over my notebook keypad. Oh no! Within 30 seconds the notebook switched off by itself. Not sure it was a safety feature or a short circuit inside. I didn’t panic because my data are all backup in my company’s server and I am getting a new unit soon.

      Anyway, after the meeting was over, fortunately I was not hosting it. I took a cloth to wipe all the water away and took my hair dryer down to blow it dry. I was very tired as it was already 2am and had 8am meeting today. I put the notebook on my chair, pushed it below the fan and turn on the fan to dry it overnight.

      Next morning, I turn it on. It did start and die. Blow it with the hair dryer for another 5-10 minutes. I started it again. This time was better it started running until the login screen. After that the blue screen appeared. I haven’t seen the blue screen for a while, sort of miss it. No choice, I had to call my IT helpdesk to request them to fix it.

      I thought I might give it one last try to revive it, having “the never give up” attitude. I took the battery out. There was a hole to the internal parts. I pointed my hair dryer directly to the hole. I left it there for 30-40 minutes. I plug back everything and turn it on.

      Wa la….my notebook came alive. My CPR method work. Either that or HP makes good notebook. I let it run for a while on its own, to keep the heat up to dry up the remaining water inside, if any. Now I am back to work. Sigh, I thought I can take a day off.

      Tip of the day: If you have any high tech gadget that come into contact with water, it is best to turn it off immediately, take out the battery and dry it thoroughly with a hair dryer. Make sure it is dry off properly, you may need to open it or look for holes. It works.

    • Selective Mute

      August 20, 2007

      Recently I discovered a new psychology problem called selective mute. It means that an individual will not speak during certain environment or situation. Selective mute is usually misdiagnoses with the child being shy. It is not really. It is an anxiety disorder. You can do a search in Google for this disorder, it has lots of useful information on it.

      Timothy has this problem in school. He didn’t speak in is previous school for 2 years, not a single word to his teachers or friends. Every time I picked him up, he would wait for the teacher to go in and he will speak to me. Once while he was speaking to me, the teacher appeared in his back and he saw, he kept silent. *rolled eyes*. My diagnosis of him having this problem is the teachers were too fierce, not all but some. The turn over was high too. He always didn’t like to go to school and always asking me tomorrow got school or not.

      However, he can speak freely in church, with Emily’s babysitter, with my brother or my parents, which he doesn’t always meet. In church, during nursery time, he has no problem speaking to the volunteers taking care of the children.

      A month ago, we changed him to another school. He meets the principal who was my church friend. He did speak to her occasionally with 1 or 2 words. It is some progress there. He is still reluctant to speak to his class teacher. However, I hope time will allow him to build his confident and open up to his teacher. If he doesn’t do that, maybe we need to seek professional help. One thing to note is that we cannot pressure him to speak, it can cause more harm than good.

      It is very important to check out the school for your children. Some school can give a negative development impact to a child.

    • Want To Exchange Links?

      August 19, 2007

      I launched Gbay a while ago and it still need a lot of work in creating back links. For those who have not link to Gbay, please do. Let me know if you want to exchange links.

      Recently I have been blogging about some very interesting topics in Gbay. If you have not hop in there, don’t be shy to pay a visit. The doors are always open. I will certainly blog more interesting stuff, non related to my children over there.

      Some of the articles that may interest you:

      Keep Your Contact Lens From Germs
      Mattel Toys Recall (With Pictures)
      Spot The Scam
      Another China Product In Question
      Stress Reliever

      Thank you all for your support.

    • Rat-A-Too-Ee

      August 18, 2007

      Today I took my children to watch a French tale of a rat mouse called Ratatouille. Ratatouille is actually a French dish. You ask what a French dish has to do with a mouse? I am not going to tell you. I must say the plot was very well written and the movie was filled with action, humorous and of coz a good ending. All fairy tales has a good ending, right?

      It is a story of a talented mouse that has a gift of smelling. He can smell where the good food is, the spices around and even rat poison. He is different from all his other friends. He is one daring mouse. He went into an old lady house to watch a TV cooking show that feature the famous chef named Gusteau. And that’s where his adventure begins. Watch it, my children loves it. I give it a 4 out of 5. :good: :good: :good: :good: It is a very inspiring story too.

    • Balloon Sculpture II

      August 17, 2007

      Lately, I am learning how to do more sculpture balloons. Not that I am going to be a clown. :giggles: My church is having a fun event for children. It has lots of children activities and fun fair type of games. If you are in Penang and would like to go, ping me.

      Of coz, I volunteer myself to do balloon sculpturing. I found a collection of videos of an expect doing different balloon sculpturing. He is good, professional, can even knot a balloon with one hand. I learn to do a cool sword, flower and butterfly by watching those videos. The website: Videos here. Now my house is filled with sculptured balloon and I need to get more. Now anyone want to invite me to your child’s birthday party?

      One tip I learn about balloon sculpturing that is to prevent the balloon from popping, you let out some air after you inflate it. You need to even out the air in the balloon. It is very fun thing to do as I love doing things with my hands. Try it and you will never need to queue infront of a clown to get balloons for your kids.

      Gbay: Keep Your Contact Lens From Germs


      August 15, 2007

      I am impressed with KWSP. They set up a branch near my residential which is very convenient for me. I am doing another round of withdrawal to reduce my house loan, rather than pay the hefty interest rates for my housing loan. This year I am a bit lazy and wanted to speed things up with less stress. I went to my housing loan bank, pay a small fees to get all the documents ready for EPF withdrawal. In less than 2 weeks, I had all the papers with me.

      I went to KWSP with the required papers and fill up the required form. I got a ticket and only had to wait 20 minutes due to lunch break. While I was waiting, I got another ticket to get the iAkaun pin so that I can check my EPF account online. First time I am seeing govt officer smiling when serving their customers. It sure earned lots of plus points from me.

      It took 5-10 minutes for them to verify my papers and do the thumbs print. She told me it takes 1 month for me to receive the cheque. Thumbs up all the way for KWSP!

      Gbay: Mattel Toys Recall (With Pictures)

    • Emily In A Music Band

      August 14, 2007

      Emily loves playing the tambourine, either that or she loves making noise. Every time she is in Sunday School, she will go grab the tambourine to play during singing session. Last Sunday the teacher called her out to join the musician to play. She was overjoyed and walk out without the fear of being looked at. I guess she was not shy to be in the front stage. Timothy stood there for less than a minute, he wanted to return to his seat.

      Now I have to think of starting Emily on some music lessons. I am sure she will be interested. I hope she has my father’s gift, able to pick up music and play by ear. I know I am not talented in music. Once I did drive my organ teacher crazy, I really cannot get the rhythm and coordination at all. As for my hubby’s side, no sign of any music talent seen.

      I will let both my children have a go at music lessons, will see whether they can succeed in at least playing a nice piece of Beethoven for me. :think:

      Gbay: Spot The Scam

    • 50th Place

      August 11, 2007

      Ha! I got to know this from Chinnee that my blog landed in the August Malaysian Top 50 Blogger in Technorati. Some of the mommy bloggers are in the list. I feel great.

      However, there is nothing to shout about because I don’t see some of the Malaysian popular blogs in the list. Why? I believe Technorati rate the top 50s by how many bloggers are linking to your blog. On top of it, you have to tag your blog as Malaysia which many do not. If you are not, go to Technorati, sign up, claim your blog and tag it.

      Lastly for me, it is the best time to have top 50 in Aug where Malaysia is celebrating 50th anniversary of Independence Day (Merderka). I land on the 50th position. Malaysia Boleh! Mybabybay Boleh! Not that I am anxious to get more traffic. More traffic means I have to pay more for bandwidth. Aiks! Worst more spam! Double whammy! :wall: