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    • Valentine’s Humor

      February 15, 2008

      What’s with the flowers? Besides being expensive, over price and selling like hot cakes. Do you think that Valentine’s Day have become too commercial. Yeah, I bet the florist or the choc stores are very happy with the profit they made.

      Anyway, yesterday I received a company memo stating that our guard house is looking like a florist shop and running out of space. Hey we have a big guard house. It shows how many available girls are there in my company. Ooh! don’t get me wrong, married women received flowers too. Wives are smart to tell the husband to buy diamond instead. :giggles: Back to the guard house, the admin asked those who were called, to go collect the flowers immediately.

      The message ended with “Unclaimed flowers by 7pm will be disposed”. Some of the guys jokingly said that they will stay back till 7pm, go the guard house and collect free flowers. I am not sure whether any of them successfully get a free bouquet for his love one as I went home early.

      One guy (last minute buyer) went to the florist shop to book a bouquet to be sent to the company for his girlfriend. The florist told him that there are too many orders, you want you have to wait and send it yourself. It shows that the florist shop owners get the last laugh, laughing all the way to the bank and those poor guys had a big hole in their pocket.

    • CNY Preparation

      February 2, 2008

      The only things I have prepared for CNY is getting the Angpows packed and clean the house. Yeap, I didn’t get any CNY cookies, oranges, decoration or drinks. I will be away this year for CNY. Where am I going? I will be in KL in my parent’s house. I bet my parents will be happy to see their grandchildren.

      To make the trip more special I made a booking to a luxurious hotel under company rate. It has a great view from the hotel. I will let you know when I returned. Probably I will write a review too if the hotel doesn’t let me down.

      I told my children, they are very excited about it. They are looking forward to the big TV with cartoon networks and the swimming pool as usual. Those who wants to join me to enjoy the pool, ping or call me.

      For all my blog readers, here’s wishing you a Blessed Happy Chinese New Year!!

    • Happy Children’s Day

      November 13, 2007

      Tim’s school is celebrating Children’s day today. The Universal Children’s Day is on November 20th. Get your presents ready for your children. 7 days to go get one if you don’t have one.

      I got a cake for Tim’s school to celebrate Children’s Day. I guess the school celebrated earlier because next week will be school holiday. Tim thought it was his birthday just because I bought the cake to school. He told me that the children blow his candles and he wanted me to buy him a present.

      I told him that today is not his birthday. He still does not know how the calendar works yet. However I did get him and Emily some ice-cream. He was satisfied but he was hoping I get him Ultraman DVD or an Ultraman toy.

    • Disney Magic Show

      November 5, 2007

      We rushed to PISA for the Disney Magic Show after Tim’s concert. When I bought the tickets, Tim’s concert schedule was not out. It was really a coincident that both were happened on the same day with 2 hours apart.

      The Disney Magic Show was great with Disney characters like Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, Alice, Belle, Snow White, Cinderella, Jasmine, Ariel, Eric, Gus and Jaq. There were 2 other magicians called Brad and Benny. It is a stage performance with singing, dancing and interaction with the audience. My children just love it. They went home telling me the details of what they seen.

      As usual there were a lot of Disney merchandize for sale. I got my 2 children a wizard hat, hey it was the cheapest of them all. It came with a big bag of cotton candy. My hubby didn’t allowed them to eat too much of it. Mummy had to wallop it all. One more bag to go and I hope my sugar level will not hit the roof.

      They don’t allow us to take pictures and were pretty strict. The ushers were looking around. We took a few shots of it before we were told not to.

    • Cool Performance

      November 5, 2007

      Saturday was a busy day for me. First we started the day early at 7:30am and help Timothy look smart. He was giving a performance at his school concert. I guess every parent is excited about her child’s concert. By the number of cameras pointing at the stage, you will know. Parents were anxious about taking every shot of their child.

      As for Timothy, as usual he needed time to warm up. He took the stage away in another sense because he was so cool standing there without moving. I bet everyone is looking at him. Later when he got warm up, he started giving a very cool performance. I am so proud of him.

    • Who Eat My MoonCake?

      September 26, 2007

      Tim adores MoonCake. Every time we passed by a moon cake, he will want me to buy for him. Funny he eats everything except the egg. Today is the day (Thanks Annie Q for reminding me) that we Chinese celebrate the Mid-Autumn Fest aka The Lantern Fest aka The Moon Cake Fest. There is a very interesting legendary if you have read the Chinese History.

      Why MoonCake? During the Chinese war, the ministers used moon cake to pass secret messages. The messages were hidden in the moon cake. It all happens during the Mid Autumn Festival. There are other stories about the rabbit and the lady on the moon which is legendary.

      Today the tradition especially for children is to carry their lighted lantern and walk around the neighborhood or park or swimming pool. That’s what we did. There is just one glitch because I forgot that today was the day and I ran out of candles. I could only get birthday candles which burned out very fast.

      Why no MoonCake pictures on this post? That’s because Tim wallops all of it before I can take any pictures.

      Happy Moon Cake Festival to all my readers!!!!

    • Open Day

      September 9, 2007

      I was rushing to finish up my work on Friday. Lately I had been overwhelmed with too many projects and I had a presentation at 11:30pm on Friday night. It seems work never ends. Anyway, back in the good old days, I was unhappy if I have to go to school on Saturday except if it is a sports day or non-study day. Malaysia has too many public holidays and teachers cannot finish the entire syllabus for the year which caused us to have additional classes on Saturday. It is a dragged.

      Today was the first time after so many years I have to go to school on a Saturday. This time the role is different. It was an open day at Timothy’s school. Basically an open day is where the school invites parents to come visit the school. They will show all the crafts, school work and activities that the school children did. It is also a good time for me as a parent to get acquainted with the teachers.

      Previously I wrote about Timothy refusing to talk in school because of anxiety. It is not that he does not want to speak but the word cannot get out of his mouth. I saw a documentary about selective mute that my BIL recorded for me. From the documentary I learn that there are ways to help Timothy overcome this problem.

      I was glad that Timothy was reading out to me in school with a little help from Emily. Both were competing with one another to outsmart each other. It is a first step to help Timothy feel comfortable to speak in his school. I will do the sliding in method where by he will read with me in the presence of a teacher. Next week, the school principal that is also my church friend invited us for dinner. We will use that opportunity to help him feel comfortable with his school principal. I really praise God because he answers our prayer.

    • Kids Fun Time 2007

      August 25, 2007

      Today my church held a fun time for children. 100++ children came and we were overwhelm with the great response. The children had fun because of all the activities line up for them, we have simple bible quiz, mini stores for games, balloon making and bible story time. Of coz not forgetting the food like fish balls, sausages, nuggets, ice-creams and many more finger foods. We even have candy floss and ice popsicles. Yeap, we got a candy floss machine.

      Children were coming to me for balloons. I made flowers, swords, hats, dogs and others. Thanks to Hooi Lin who was able to get some tough good quality balloons for me to do balloon twisting. I hope her gal’s birthday party turns out great. It was a tiring day for my family. My children were overwhelmed with all the food and games. I do not know how many ice popsicles, fish balls, sausages and ice-cream they have eaten. It was a great day to sum it all. Sorry I didn’t have much time to take pictures of the event.

    • 50th Place

      August 11, 2007

      Ha! I got to know this from Chinnee that my blog landed in the August Malaysian Top 50 Blogger in Technorati. Some of the mommy bloggers are in the list. I feel great.

      However, there is nothing to shout about because I don’t see some of the Malaysian popular blogs in the list. Why? I believe Technorati rate the top 50s by how many bloggers are linking to your blog. On top of it, you have to tag your blog as Malaysia which many do not. If you are not, go to Technorati, sign up, claim your blog and tag it.

      Lastly for me, it is the best time to have top 50 in Aug where Malaysia is celebrating 50th anniversary of Independence Day (Merderka). I land on the 50th position. Malaysia Boleh! Mybabybay Boleh! Not that I am anxious to get more traffic. More traffic means I have to pay more for bandwidth. Aiks! Worst more spam! Double whammy! :wall:

    • The Bon Odori Fest was held last Sat at Esplanade Penang. In the fest, there will be a large group of Japanese performing traditional dance. Around the field there will be stores selling Japanese food and goods. It is a pretty interesting experience if you have not been to one before. However, it is only held in KL and Penang. I have blog about it a few years back and the link is here.

      The Bon Odori Fest organizer said that the fireworks this year will be long and nicer. My children love to see the fireworks. I took the opportunity to take them to see. It is happening at the Esplanade Penang. It is going to be crowded and parking will be a problem. It is not wise to bring the children there because afraid of them getting lost.

      The fireworks start at 9:30pm. We went down to town and 8pm and saw there was already bad traffic. Anyway we just want to see the fireworks, so we thought double park at a good spot and view it in the car. However we were there too early. We detour to a pet shop and let the children visit the pet shop, looking at dogs, birds, fish and some nice aquarium. Tim & Em asked me to buy one to put in their room.

      Anyway, when it was 9:15pm, we drove to a good spot and park there. It was a great spot as the fireworks was just in front of us. The children enjoyed it. However the fireworks for this year were not very impressive and messy. It was only 10 minutes of fun and I wonder how much was spent.

      The camera was better this year, not the fireworks.