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  • MyBabyBay

    • It was a great day yesterday for me because my department organized a team building event. We had Treasure Hunt in G Hotel & Gurney Plaza. We had 4 teams with 5 people per team. Basically we went around the mall looking for answers. It was difficult at first but our team got the hang of it. A good tip for treasure hunt, start with the mall directory. Most of the answers can be found there.

      I had a lot of fun but a few interesting happenings:

      1. We were supposed to find the price of a bottle of 100ml men CK perfume. The price was on the bottle. Some guys (as usual) went to disturb the promoter asking her for the price, until she hid from us.

      2. First time I enter any shops with no “follow-me” promoters as they all knew we were treasure hunting.

      3. We were going in and out of shops until the sales person look at us suspiciously.

      4. One of the book we were looking for sold out!!! However some of us had great ideas on getting the answer. We had the sales person check his record for the price.

      5. We were supposed to get a name of a company with 1 alphabet and get a chop from them. We thought it was G2000 and happily walk in to get the chop. The store staff told us, no chop allowed. Actually the answer was G Hotel. *roll eyes*

      6. We got to the right area where all the clues fit and were suppose to look for something that promotes health. None of the surrounding shops was a health shop. The only store fits the description was a skin care, make up and beauty that uses natural ingredient. The answer was not that store because another clue state it is found in most of the public places. Guess what it is?…..It is the No Smoking Sign and our team was the only team with that answer.

      Our team came in second and points were very close (1 or 2 pts) to the first team. We could have won but the last task was very ambiguous. The task was to get a 34g smarties box of choc with a picture of a bird feeding (nestle logo) its babies. The 34g box has no picture of bird so we decided to get the 3 packs wrapped in plastic with the bird picture on the plastic. One thing we forgot to do is to unwrapped the plastic and give the judge a 34g box. We were too excited. That mistake caused us first prize. Sayang. Oh well, we had lots of fun with treasure hunt and I don’t mind doing it again.

      Last but least, the scrumptious meal from G Hotel, Mediterranean style. I do not have to say more for food….Oooh I loved those non-halal RUM balls.

    • Childhood Chocolate

      November 6, 2007

      How many of you have tasted Kandos when you are young? I remembered that I used to buy Kandos choc in school. I was a junk eater and not really interested in eating rice. I remembered my mother took me to the doc asking him to prescribe something to increase my appetite. Guess what he gave? He gave me supplements instead. He said I can get the necessary nutrition from there.

      Last week, I went grocery shopping, I found Kandos. Yummy. The taste is still the same. Wow after 30 years, I can still remember the taste. It is one of my childhood memories. Kandos anyone?

    • Cheers To Good Health

      October 28, 2007

      Yeap, bonus is around the corner, in fact it is a few days away. However this is not the good news I want to share. Hey money is not everything you know. What I want to share is that I got back my blood test result and I did very well.

      What make me very happy was that the doctor said I have a very good gen and my cholesterol level was very good. On average women my age will get cholesterol level nearing or over the warning mark. Most cholesterol problem is mainly cause by genetics. Besides this, all other test was within range.

      Sometimes many of us do not appreciate the good health we are getting. We take it for granted. When it goes away, we will start doing everything to improve it. For all parents, do take a yearly health check and start paying attention to it. Cheers to good health.

      By the way, I will be making another US business trip next year. I cannot wait to taste the Pho again. Yummy!!

    • We spend our Raya Holidays in KL and it was great. I got to meet up with my 4 good friends from my old school, BBGS. By the way, I notice that BBGS turn into a luxury mall. One of my best friends came back for holiday from Australia and we arranged for a dinner to meet up. We had fun catching up with one another, none of them change much. I also discovered that Star Hill change so much since I visited like 10 years ago.

      I drove back today and we escape from the massive jam which was reported over the radio. I drove to Tapah and my hubby took over. It was smooth going to Tapah but after that, we felt some hiccups. It was raining very heavily and he had to slow down. Along the way, there was a silly car that plunged into the side drain/swamp. Not sure what happen there but it sure did cause a crawl as people are busy bodies. Thank goodness, it was only 30 minutes for us. Those who came later may feel worse.

      The next one was at the Penang bridge, as usual after paying the toll the bottle neck happen. It was 12 lanes to 5 lanes and down to 2 lanes. I was glad that it took us 5+ hours to get back, just in time for dinner.

      I will blog of what we did in KL in the next post….to be cont.

    • Happy Me

      October 6, 2007

      I got myself an Esprit backpack for my new company notebook. It was 50% off. My previous backpack zip was broken and I have wanted to replace it. My company gave me a leather carrying case but a bit big in size. I will use that for traveling.

      I don’t know about you, I feel good when I get something I really like. I haven’t had that feeling for quite a while. Hehehe…I haven’t been really shopping meaning buying stuff I need. When I go shopping, my children will tag along and I hardly can spend time to look for things. I told my hubby, one of these days I must take 1 day leave to shop by myself. It is good too if I do less shopping. It means I save money. On the other hand, I must not forget to pamper myself. That’s life.

    • Overwhelm With Blogs

      September 14, 2007

      Finally I have read all through all your posts. I been away for 4 days and sitting in my Google Reader are 342 blog posts. One mummy had 52 posts within 4 days. *faint* I am glad I scan through most of them and skip through 60% of you know what posts. Hey can you gals slow down a little.

      It sure beat the number of emails I have in my inbox. It took me 1 hour to clear my inbox. I don’t like keeping unread emails in my inbox. I am so glad that now I am back on track.

    • 50th Place

      August 11, 2007

      Ha! I got to know this from Chinnee that my blog landed in the August Malaysian Top 50 Blogger in Technorati. Some of the mommy bloggers are in the list. I feel great.

      However, there is nothing to shout about because I don’t see some of the Malaysian popular blogs in the list. Why? I believe Technorati rate the top 50s by how many bloggers are linking to your blog. On top of it, you have to tag your blog as Malaysia which many do not. If you are not, go to Technorati, sign up, claim your blog and tag it.

      Lastly for me, it is the best time to have top 50 in Aug where Malaysia is celebrating 50th anniversary of Independence Day (Merderka). I land on the 50th position. Malaysia Boleh! Mybabybay Boleh! Not that I am anxious to get more traffic. More traffic means I have to pay more for bandwidth. Aiks! Worst more spam! Double whammy! :wall:

    • 8 Things About Me

      August 6, 2007

      Mumsgather tag me on this one. Another simple tag that I think I can do in 10 minutes.

      1. I am a mother of 2 lovely children Tim & Em.
      2. I am in the IT line.
      3. I love traveling.
      4. I love doing jigjaw puzzles.
      5. Although I live in Penang but I am born in KL. Pls don’t speak hokkien to me.
      6. I can sew & cook.
      7. I can complete a Rubik’s cube and all colors matched.
      8. I feel good if I can help people in need.

      I will not tag anyone. If you like to do this tag, consider I tag YOU!

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    • I got a tag from MyLovelyMummy. A simple tag that does not take a lot of my brain cells away. Thanks MyLovelyMummy. I still owe a lot of people a lot of tags.

      Creatures I hate:

      1. Flying cockroach, I am not afraid of those that do not fly. I hate those with wings. Imagine I spray pesticide on it, it fly an attack me. Yiiiiak. By the way, for those that cannot fly, I usually catch the antenna with my hand and flush it down the toilet.

      2. Spiders, not the small tiny ones but the ones that has fur. In Australia, lots of spider is poisonous. When I was there, I found one fury one in my room and it really freak me out. My house mates and I had to use the Vacuum cleaner to suck it in.

      3. Dead rat, they stink!

      I am passing the tag to:

      Hui Sia – Always requesting for tags.
      Vien – You gave me a big job today.
      ShoppingMum – Really like to know what you are afraid off.
      Chinnee – Your filler tag.

      Gbay: Cashing US Cheque

    • Expired??!!

      July 23, 2007

      Guess what expired? I took out my driving license and saw it ended at Mar 2007. Now you know that I never take out my license for a long long time, like a few years. Anyway I told my hubby, I need to renew it on Monday. It was on Saturday I discovered. Guess what? He took out his, his one also expired May 2007. Now both of us need to renew ours. So who drives? :giggles:

      Anyway, got my license renew today and pretty impressed, waited only 15 minutes. I didn’t know that now, 1 year cost RM30. I think the last time I renew was only RM20. Of coz we went to renew maximum 5 years, afraid another hike. We didn’t have enough cash. Hubby went out to withdraw from the ATM. The officer told us that if we renew road tax, can pay by credit card but not for renewing license. :wall:

      Next I asked about my road tax claim as last year, government reduce the tax. She told me to go main land. I think the claim is about RM10 or less. I have to spend RM8 for bridge toll and someone petrol money to cross the bridge. Forget it.