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    • Let me reveal what Emily wants on her cake. Here ya go:

      I must give it to Eden cake house again who can draw exactly what was given to them. Bravo. I always admire people who can make great designs with cakes. It takes great skills to do that which I do not have patience for.

      I would like to capture all the birthday cakes that my children have since 1 year old.

      Emily’s 4th birthday:


      Emily’s 3rd birthday:


      Emily’s 2nd birthday:


      Emily’s 1st birthday:


      Timothy’s 6th birthday:


      Timothy’s 5th birthday:


      Timothy’s 4th birthday:


      Timothy’s 3rd birthday:


      Timothy’s 2nd birthday:


      Timothy’s 1st birthday:

    • Long Day

      June 9, 2008

      It has been a long day because I drove from Ipoh to Penang. Hubby covered KL to Ipoh. It was a relaxing drive because not many cars on the road. Not many irritating tailgating car that said move out of the way!

      Where did I go? I went back hometown so that my parents can have fun with my children. Showering & pampering them, that’s what grandparents do. I shall not take that away from them. For me, I went home for my mom’s cooking. Her soups are the best. In Hokkien, it is “ho liao!” Well, we Cantonese loves to drink soup and eat toong sui (aka soup dessert), which is much lacking in the Hokkien world.

      Anyway, here is a picture where my children had fun and it is free. Anyone recognized where this is? If you don’t, ask your children. :giggles:

      Yeap, it is the Ikea Free Indoor Playground which needs to Q.

    • Cameron & Car Trouble

      June 6, 2008

      Now with the rise of petrol price, we will think of alternatives to reduce our expenses. However it will have the ripple effect on many things and sooner everything will go up in price. Let’s hope it will be under control.

      My friend drives a diesel car and he claims that the fuel consumption is low. It can go a long way with a full tank. He drove it up to Cameron. By the way, my family went to Cameron Highlands for a Church Family camp. We have about 85+ people. Anyway after the 3rd day of camp, his car couldn’t start because of the cold weather. With diesel car, you need to warm up the car. We all decided to help to push start. After the 4th time with the car going back and forth, it started. On the last day, returning home, the same thing. I did help in pushing too. Fortunately will all our help and God’s blessing, the car decided to run again. So much for diesel car in cold weather.

      I must say that Cameron is a land of strawberry. I love the fresh strawberry ice-cream and it taste real good. If you go up there, you must try it. Talking about strawberry ice-cream, I must tell you about Emily. She dozed off after lunch while we are going out for sight seeing. Hrmm…so much for sight seeing, I thought I had to carry her around. Anyway when she heard and saw the strawberry ice-cream. Her eyes were as big as the strawberry. :giggles:

      There were lots of strawberry farms out there. Some of them, you can pluck, pick and buy. I got a box for RM5. It doesn’t taste as sweet as the ones from US. Next to buy are sweet corns. You can eat it raw, yes without steaming. It tastes just as sweet. Flowers are everywhere but I will not buy them because when you take them back to the hot weather, it will not last.

      Vegetables are fresh and ample supply. The next best thing to do with the cold weather is have steam boat. Yummy…we eat and sang all night.

      Tim came back with a bad rash. I suspect is the hard water and some say that it may contain pesticide chemical in the water. However with application of calamine lotion, he feels much better now.

      Map of Cameron Highland here.

    • Flowers Finally

      June 5, 2008

      Hubby got me flowers. How sweet of him. Like many other moms, we said that flowers are waste of money. However it feels great to receive a bouquet once in a blue moon. He didn’t just get me flowers but got Emily a bouquet too. Emily was pretty happy and excited. Maybe it is her first bouquet of flowers. She kept thanking her daddy.

      Peculiarly, she said that flowers are for gals only. Now how did she learn that, I have no clue.

      Emily changed her mind about the digital camera which saves me RM200. She couldn’t decide what she wanted. I decided it for her and here is what she got. Pst Pst…it cost only 7% of the digital camera. Sometimes children do not need expensive toys to enjoy themselves. Simplicity can really makes them happy.

      Thanks Jeriel & Chanel for the books.

    • Happy Day!

      June 4, 2008

      This is how I feel today:

      It’s a happy day, and I thank God for the weather
      It’s a happy day, living it for my Lord
      It’s a happy day, things are gonna get better
      Living each day by the promises in God’s word

      I sang this to Emily early in the morning..

         Happy Birthday to you
         Happy Birthday to you
         Happy Birthday to Emily
         Happy Birthday to you

      Emily sang this to me..

         May the good Lord bless you
         May the good Lord bless you
         May the good Lord bless mummy
         May the good Lord bless you.

      Isn’t it sweet that Emily and I are born on the same day? Precious. :jump:

      Thank you Vien for getting the lovely cakes made by Alice for me and Emily. Can you see that the pretty doll is holding an iPhone? :dance:

    • Back From Cameron

      June 3, 2008

      I am back! It was a great trip up in Cameron Highlands. The air was so fresh and you do not need any fan or air-cond up there. It saves a lot of electricity there. However you need hot water though. Cameron Highland has changed so much since I last went which was when I was in primary school. Now it has lots more plantations.

      Tea Plantation

      However because of the school holidays, many people went up there for vacations. The roads were congested.

      Sorry, I will blog more about my trip later. Lots of very interesting things happen that I would like to share. I guess you have to wait.

      I just finished reading most of the blogs on my Google reader and check all my work emails. This week will be real busy for me and also a special week for me too. :giggles:

      Some of the goodies I got: